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Welcome to our Chartered Accountant portal
SVAR & Associates (SVAR) is a conglomeration of young and enthusiastic Chartered Accountants having experience in diverse sectors providing professional services and expert assistance in Auditing, Accounting, Succession Planning, Operations Review, Feasibility Studies, Finance and Restructuring, Strategic Planning, Management Consultancy and Financial and Management Trainings. . The reach of our professional expertise varies from industry to consultancy, corporate to development sector.
We Have very high quality standards and ensure that our services are of the highest quality in the inustry.
We have knack of meeting deadlines all the time. our internal processes are designed to provide quality services at lighting speed

What We Do ?
Audit and Assurance services
Outsoursing Services
Taxation Consultancy
Business step up services
Financial Consultancy
Legal Consultancy
Our Aim
Our aim is to offer small and medium sized businesses a comprehensive range of specialist support and advisory services as and when required. 
Our Mission
Chartered Accountant
To achieve total customer satisfaction by delivery quality services in professional and time bound manner
Our Team
SVAR Associates
our team consist of highfield and experienced chartered accountants and other professional.